Frequently Asked Questions

Not all Morocco tour company websites that you encounter online are real companies. They are rather virtual businesses run by illegal guides, drivers (both Moroccan and foreigners). More than 90% of these “online businesses” are operating illegally, taking advantage of the lack of Government digital control. Not all companies with such praising Tripadvisor reviews actually exist nor are Government registered or hold the proper certificates to arrange and operate tours in Morocco. Travelers are required to check the office physical address, license number, company registration online before purchasing traveler services from these websites.

In order to find out whether the company is legit, here are a few safety tips:

  1. A real Moroccan travel agency will have an official Government license number and insurance policy displayed on their website. Some fake companies show off fraudulent license numbers, so you have to use the official website of the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism to verify its existence. Just type the company name on the search box. If it shows up, you’re safe to go!
  2. Legit travel companies around the world have all the proper legal logistics working in order to run an authorized business. A real Moroccan tour company has a physical address, landline phone contacts, accept payment with credit/debit card & bank transfer, not only through PayPal.
  3. A genuine travel agency in Marrakech or in any other Moroccan city will NOT OBLIGE you to sign a “MANIFESTO” before departure, delivered by its drivers/guide. In reality, this paper consists of a document that declines the company’s responsibility for the purchased services except for the transportation service.

Travel insurance should be obtained before leaving your country of origin. We don’t force anyone to purchase it. Local hospitals have limited diagnostic capability. Private clinics can be expensive, evacuation can cost a lot, luggage can disappear, so insurance is a good idea.

Morocco has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and compared to the US and Europe, is considered a very safe destination. Moroccan people are known for their hospitality and they will make you feel very welcome.

Due to the history and ethnic reality, the majority of Moroccans are either bilingual or trilingual (Berber, Arabic, and French or Arabic, and French). Our guides speak many other languages including English, and Spanish, and some even speak German, Japanese, and Italian as well. Multilingual drivers are in high demand during peak season, so first come first serve basis.

Absolutely. Most of our Marrakech excursions include a mix of accommodation featuring traditional riads, desert camps, and hotels. It is important to keep in mind that riads & boutique hotels are much smaller than a regular hotel and therefore early booking is strongly suggested. Riads sell out very quickly and if we are unable to secure availability, we will offer the next available riad/hotel of the same quality standard.

To secure your booking you have to pay an upfront portion – a deposit. The remaining balance can be paid in cash during pick up day once you meet up with our staff, in the currency, you favor either MAD, EUR, or USD. We do prefer being paid in Moroccan dirhams – MAD as it is our local currency but it is up to you to choose. The best exchange offices are in the medina. You also have the option of paying the remaining balance with a credit/debit card, PayPal account a few weeks before. In order to pay with a credit card, we’ll need to generate a link for you to do so. All payments via credit, debit cards, and PayPal are subject to an additional 4% charge as a transaction fee.

You can relax and wear whatever is familiar, comfortable, and best suited for you during your holidays. Morocco is very tolerant and welcoming to visitors, and you’re not expected to act or look like a Moroccan. Longer shorts and shirts are fine for men. Concerning women, it’s a good idea to bring a scarf to cover bare shoulders and arms in rural areas.

Tipping is important as it is a common practice among Moroccans themselves. 10% is the appropriate benchmark. We also recommend that you tip your driver at the end of the tour, from 10% to 20% or more depending on how engaging and helpful he was during the trip. For local guides in cities like Marrakech & Fes, we recommend that you tip a 100MAD/hour, while camel drivers can go from 100 to 300MAD per group. Also, anyone else that might help you along your trip such as luggage carriage can be tipped from 30 to 50 MAD.

Guides in Morocco carry badges from the Ministry of Tourism that allows them to do their job after completing training sessions. There are specific mountain guides for trekking and city guides who can legally escort you on Marrakech guided tours. Drivers are not allowed to act as guides and hold a professional driver’s card beside their original driving license.

Why book with us

  1. Save time and money – Our prices are the lowest available in the market.
  2. Private and maintained vehicles, friendly drivers.
  3. We are an operator, not a broker.
  4. You’re buying directly from us, the supplier.
  5. Our prices are fixed and listed.
  6. No hidden fees.
  7. On the ground assistance 24/7.
  8. Deposit payment upon confirmation.
  9. Payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, bank wire, etc…
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